All You Need To Know About Tecno Camon C10

There will be no camon c10 owing to the  the release of the camon cx and cx air by tecno company.
Tecno Camon CX and CX air will be the replacement for the camon C10. Moreover there has been no rumor or news speculating to roll out of Tecno Camon C10.

More reason to doubt the roll out of Camon C10 is the Specification of the CX and CX air. The CX and CX air are the only Phone in the Camon Series to Come with a Fingerprint Sensor behind. 

This serves as a conclusion of the Camon Series. If there will be any Tecno  Camon series release it won't be Named C10 cause CX which is named so is to end the Camon Series.
Any article written onTecno Camon C10 is based on self-assumption and speculation which is not official.

So i hope i have answered the question
Will there be Camon C10?
Is Tecno CX the last of the Camon Series?


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