9,932 Workers Sacked By Tanzanian president John Magufuli

Every African Country is striving to make a change all but except Nigeria. Although Nigerian where promised change by the current president, but the change is so mysterious.

Tanzanian President John Magufuli on Friday sacked 9,932 civil servants who were found using fake educational certificates to work. Magufuli made the announcement on state television after receiving a report on public servants' certificates verification. He said salaries of 9,000 plus employees for this month should be withheld after an investigative task force found that 9,932 government workers presented fake qualifications when they were employed. 

The president immediately ordered that the dismissed civil servants would have to defend themselves in court, 'so that they could be jailed for seven years as the law says.'
'They are thieves like any other thieves. You cannot perform if you don’t have deserving qualifications,'
Magufuli said. In a previous report, the Minister of State, Ms. Angela Kairuki, revealed that a total of 435,000 had their certificates verified, which eventually led to forged certificate burst.

Nigerians, don't you think President Buhari should do the same.

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