Read Why A Brooklyn Cop Shot himself

A Brooklyn cop, Officer Mike Smith shot himself dead after his relationship with his girlfriend and fellow cop hit the rocks. The 47yr old divorcee who was just few weeks away from retirement committed suicide on Tuesday night at the Manhattan Beach apartment he shared with his girlfriend, also a divorcee. Smith started dating his new girlfriend after separating from his wife, but it appears things weren't going so well for the new couple.

The girlfriend brought her parents to the apartment to pack up her things and move out and while they were engaged in doing so,while he shot himself dead in another room.

He left behind a note reading: 'I love you more than you will ever know.'

Smith was a community affairs officer for the 70th Precinct in Brooklyn and had served for 22 years. He was set to retire on March 25.

According to next door neighbor Andrey Savykin, Smith was a 'nice, quiet' guy who seemed 'depressed'.

Depression that was caused due to the easy break up nature of relationship in America.

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