Read Why 6 Year Old Kid Gives Up Birthday To Help Homeless

How many kids still does this. Giving up their birthday to help others

Armani Crews, 6, only had one wish for her birthday, and it was to give back to those less fortunate in her city. 

Armani’s mother, Artesha Smith-Crews, said her daughter had been consistently asking to feed the homeless, so when Crews asked Armani what she wanted for her 6th birthday, her answer was the same. 

“She had been asking us, but we thought she was just talking,” Crews told “Her dad said, ‘If we do this, I am not buying you a birthday gift.’ She said, 'That’s okay.’ That’s when we knew she was serious."

Crews said that although Armani is her youngest child, she has always had the drive to want to protect and take care of others. 

As Armani’s birthday approached, Crews suggested that they make sandwiches for the homeless, but Armani instead wanted the same food she’d have if she were to have a party — including cake. 
"I made a post about it. People started inboxing me and donating toiletries," Crews said.

On March 5, Armani turned 6 and the family headed out to the streets of Chicago near a family shelter and set up a place to give out food. 

“We had chicken fish, spaghetti, corn. We had cake. We had sandwiches. We had pizza,” Crews said. “We fed over 125 people.”

The family also handed out care packages that included a toothbrush, deodorant, tissue, razors, and hand sanitizer, among other items. 

Armani couldn’t have been happier.

“She was interacting. She handed out water. She loved it,” Crews said. "A lot of them were thankful to her because they said they hadn’t had a cooked meal in a long time.”

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