Read What Happened To This Woman Caught Smuggling Meth Into A Jail With A Bible

You get caught for what is wrong then you go around saying it is the devils handwork.
It was a smuggling operation ripped straight from the Bible.

A Mississippi woman last week attempted to hide methamphetamine in the binding of a holy book meant for an inmate at the Lee County Jail (Miss.). 
The bulging cover gave the ruse away, though, and the accused smuggler, Courtney Ford, was arrested.

"We search every item that is brought into the jail, and the property officer noticed something wrong," Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson told the Daily Journal in Tupelo.

It is believed inmate Stephen Jason Estes, who was sentenced to 40-years in prison with 34 suspended after being convicted last week for trafficking methamphetamine, was conspiring with Ford.

"We know he knew about it," Johnson said, "because that day, he kept asking where his Bible was, even before she dropped it off."

"We hope to carry him back before the judge to have his sentence reconsidered. The judge could reinstate the 34 years and make him serve all 40 years."

What can cause someone to go extreme with anything?. Addiction of course!!

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