Read What The Ekiti State Gorvernor Was Seen Doing

I really do not understand Nigerian politicians.
Yesterday was Women's international Day,it is a very good day for very right thinking man to do something very special to commemorate the day and as well impact into lives.

But Nigerian politician have a different schedule when it comes to times like this.
They go out acting weird, doing the low income hand-to-mouth jobs that they left the masses to suffer with, pretending to be saints

They go about doing things such as Frying Akara in petty business owner shop or Sewing Cloths in a small seamstress shop just to make people feel they have a connection with the masses.
But trust me, they do not and will not have a connection with the masses.

To celebrate the 2017 Women's International Day which  was yesterday, Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose, yesterday met and interacted with female tailors in the state. 

It would have been a good thing if after meeting a Governor at your business premesis your business will have little boost in any manner. But nah, He will come around play with your business equipment like toys and you may or ma not get anything from him.

Advice to Nigerian Politicians,
Please Do not come acting like you care when you do not have a pinch of sympathy in you.The poor masses are struggling everyday, but you sit in your cozy office and write away Money everyday.
Look at the London Based Nigerian President, He would have saved himself that travel stress if only he fixed Nigeria. 
So many articles of Hundreds of pages and Thousands of words per page have been written to expose the bad manners Bad politician exhibit at regular basis, but Still they papers on which those articles are been written upon have become waste because the articles written was read and disregarded.
I will not go through the stress of writing a 1000 word article, cause it would not change the bad minded politicians that twist the law at their own will. Yet, i will not fail to make this Clear.

Nigeria Will Not Change Until Nigerian Politicians Change


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