Meet A Teacher In Kogi State That Could Not Solve Basic Arithmetics

On Friday during the ongoing screening of civil servants in Kogi State. 
Read Facebook post by Evangelist Kingsley Olorunfem, Director-General, Media and Publicity at Governor's office, Kogi State Government:
"It is generational wickedness to employ someone as a teacher not because he/she is qualified but because you want to show political appreciation . Wonders shall never end. A "teacher", Idoko Comfort was asked to subtract 1988 from 2017 at the screening centre today. She was also asked to write "I obtained my first degree in Guidance and Counselling". See what she wrote. She couldn't even read her certificate. We need deliverance in this state. And these are the people teaching our children. The rot in the civil service must be sanitized. We are currently investigating the authenticity of the certificates. It is about you!"


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