Man Got Acid In His Eyes Over Inheritance

Talking of people being deadly. it is worse when it comes from a family member.
A 30-year-old Kenyan man from Vio has lost his eyesight after his cousin allegedly poured acid on his face over the family inheritance. Speaking from his hospital bed, the victim identified as Kelvin Wachira, said his cousin and some of his family members were unhappy with a decision made by their family to make him the caretaker of his grandfather’s house.

‘I had gone to my cousin's house to solve the misunderstanding between us. Unfortunately, he decided to pour acid o me,’ he said.
According to him, after the death of his father and grandfather, the family gave him the mandate of looking after the property. Kelvin Wachira, whose sight are damaged, is presently at St. Joseph Shelter of Hope Hospital, where he’s nursing serious body wounds from the acid attack.

However, Police in Vio have launched investigations into the incident and will embark on a manhunt for the suspect once they receive a P3 form from the doctor treating the victim.
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