Facebook Launches It's 360 Application For 360 Degree Videos and Images

Facebook is launching its first dedicated app for watching 360-degree videos today, Facebook 360. It’s currently only available on the Samsung Gear VR, but it’s likely just the first of such apps to come.

To be clear, the app doesn’t let you browse your News Feed or do other regular Facebook activities an stuff but it  is solely on video. Still, with “more than 25 million 360 photos” and “more than 1 million 360 videos,” you should have plenty to do.

It’s split up into four sections:

  • Explore lets you check out interesting and popular content from throughout the social network
  • Following features videos from your friends and pages you follow
  • Saved collects the content you’ve, well, saved
  • Timeline is the space for your own 360 uploads
  • You have the option to Like/react to the videos, as well as save or share.

That said, it skeptical yet whether you can watch standard, non-360 video with the app. It seems like an unnecessary inconvenience to have to remove your VR headset and open up the traditional Facebook app just to watch other video’s you’ve saved.
The app will allow users to post reactions to content, while also being able to save and share 360 photos and videos. Facebook said in a blog post that more social features are on the way for the company’s first official app.

The wall of separation between Facebook and Oculus is a pretty murky one. With this latest addition, Facebook is asserting its video strength over the Oculus Video app, which has previously been the go-to spot for Gear VR users to engage with videos from Facebook.

In January, Facebook named Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra as its VP of VR. The appointment was a surprising end to a leadership shakeup at Oculus that began when CEO Brendan Iribe announced suddenly that he would be stepping down as the company’s chief executive and would be leading Oculus’s PC VR division instead.

While Facebook continues to work on its own suite of social VR features, it’s clear that the company has a grand vision in mind for bringing its nearly 2 billion users into the world of VR, and this app may be one of their earliest steps in doing so.

It’s also worth noting that you could already watch 360 video GearVR through the Oculus Video app, but Facebook 360 appears to provide a more organized solution to video discovery. It also puts Facebook video front and center, instead of being mashed up with content from other services.

To download it,search for Facebook 360 in the Oculus app on your Gear VR 

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