Couple Staged Death Read What Happened Next

These days couples do get bored easily and they can end up doing something funny and grown-up just to catch the fun.

Police said a couple in Ohio staged a murder scene in a bathtub in which they poured ketchup over her then sent pictures to friends, police said.

The man then said he did it, according to police.

Sandusky officers showed up after getting calls Thursday night from three people who police said were "hysterical."

That's when officers discovered that the scene in the couple's bathtub had been staged.
Police said Nataleigh Schlette and Micah Risner are charged with inducing panic. Both pleaded not guilty Friday.

Police Sgt. Dawn Allen tells the Sandusky Register that while it might have been funny to the couple, it wasn't a joke to police.
The couple couldn't be reached for comment. No telephone numbers were listed for them. Court records didn't indicate whether they have an attorney.

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