A 19 Year Old Boy Stabs a 9 year Old - Read What He Did To The Video

This is the result of letting kids watch movies they cannot avoid trying a scenario
In a  small town of Herne, Germany the police have launched a manhunt to find a 19yr old martial arts enthusiast and murder suspect named Marcel H who stabbed his 9yr old victim and shared the video on Facebook.

The body of the child was discovered by police in the cellar of a family home in the town shortly after dusk on Monday. As the boy was stabbed multiple times Marcel H. filmed his demise and posted the video on the so-called 'Darknet' - the lurid, unpatrolled side of cyberspace specialising in pornography, paedophilia, drugs and 'snuff' movies.

Then i was thinking Nigerian Kids have the worst behaviour

It was a Darknet user - who claimed to know the killer - who was upset by the images of the little boy who contacted police to tell them; 'I have just seen a boy murdered on the internet.' After commuting the murder, the killer logged into a chatroom and held up his bloodied hands to the camera. Police say the motive for the crime is still unknown.

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