Read what happened to Two Nigerian that Killed a Family in Southafrica

Two Nigerians and Mozambicans citizens where captured by the south-African Police over a Murder which claimed a whole family on Tuesday.
After several manhunt carried out by the south African police, Two Nigerians, two Mozambicans were apprehended.

The Nigerian nationals were 20 and 30 years of age, they appeared before the Balfour magistrate's court.
while the two Mozambicans were 26 and 36 years.

The victims include
the victims Gert Smuts 78'
Paulina Smuts 70'
Louis Smuts 4'
Belinda Smuts 42'
They were shot dead  on a farm at Balfour in Mpumalanga.
Discovery by the police uncovered two firearms and jewelry abandoned at the murder scene, 
they found that the vehicle of the victims, a Toyota Prado was missing


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