Oculus Rooms support Now Available In Hulu Virtual Reality

Little or no productivity seems to be taking place in Virtual Reality on the consumer side lately, and to keep that trend alive, 
Hulu is updating its Virtual Reality app to ensure that you can watch Seinfeld alongside your virtual reality friends with no friction whatsoever.

Today, Hulu is updating its Gear Virtual Reality and Rift apps to support Oculus’ latest social features. On Gear Virtual Reality
users will soon be able to see the Oculus Avatar and Rooms features, allowing everyone to watch Hulu’s 360-degree content together while paid subscribers 
will also be able to hang out in a virtual room and watch 2D content on the big screen.

Meanwhile, on the Rift, the app has enabled support for the Oculus Touch controllers so users 
can manually fidget around with the virtual environments while waiting for commercials to end.

Hulu’s VR apps on PSVR and Daydream will understandably not be gaining any new functionality as Sony and 
Google have yet to show off any cohesive social strategies for virtual reality, so until then you’ll have to enjoy your Virtual Reality TV in isolation.

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