An Upcoming Comedian MC Worthy Dies So Soon

An Upcoming Comedian MC Worthy has kicked the bucket.MC Worthy  an entertainer resident in IMO State died at the early hours of yesterday, only days after he bought a new car.

Before then, the Comedian was reportedly healthy and showed no signs of an illness until he started complaining of a severe headache. He reportedly slumped soon after shouting that his head ached terribly and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Federal Medical Centre Owerri.
The comedian recently acquired a brand new Toyota Avalon car which he showed off on Facebook earlier this month. A few friends on Facebook speculated that he died of brain hemorrhage, but this is yet to be confirmed.

MC Worthy was just beginning to rise in his career and was becoming a household name in the entertainment scene in Imo state when the cold hand of death struck.

Such is life. You have only one Life. You live it right?
Then one is enough


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