Yakubu Muhammad Fannami | Nigerian Youngest Patriot Scarifies Himself To Save Others

Nigeria is full of Good people, just that the Good ones are hard to come by.
A patriot student of Darussalam Science and Islamic Academy, Yakubu Muhammad Fannami, died after he sacrificed his life to protect the lives of hundreds of Muslims worshiping at a mosque at Kaleri Borno state who were been targeted by a female suicide bomber. 

According to the announcement which was posted on his school's Facebook page, he fought a suicide bomber who was trying to force her self into the mosque in order to detonate the explosive device she was carrying.

I think Yakubu Muhammad Fannami should not be forgotten like that. Share this post.
He has died saving lives from the hands of the wicked suicide bomber who died alongside.
This shows that this suicide bombing is not backed up by any religion instead, blood thirsty people who has no aim in live destroy others to make a point.


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