Two Hilarious i Picked Out

I stumbled on this photos online. They are both funny so i decided to share see them.

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zennit bank staff kneeling down

A Zenith bank staff caught kneeling and begging Governor Fayose was another intriguing picture of 2016. Who knows what he commited. LOL. let me guess, he must have tampered with Gorvenor fayose's money and he went pleading. Or he was about to get fired. Anything, but he is grown up and should not be kneeling like a kid serving a punishment. LOL. just imagine my Dad kneeling in front of a Gorvenor. Taah, Me i cannot self.

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Olajumoke Orisaguna was on her regulars as a bread seller, when she was caught in the background of a picture taken by the photographer TY Bello, while Bello was photographing the British rapper Tinie Tempah. That was the beginning of her rise to stardom. She stormed the internet shaa. Imagine person blow just like that.


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