The First Nigerian Family To Set Foot On The North-pole

The Amazu family just won an award . The first Nigerian Family to Step Foot on The North-pole.

This Brave in 2015 Nigerian family from Anambra state decided to reach the Geographic North Pole to launch their foundation “Challenge 100” and remember the abducted Chibok girls.
Their foundation “Challenge 100” is based on the three pillars of entrepreneurialism, philanthropy and family, with the aim of inspiring charitable acts in others.

"We are delighted to reach the North Pole and become the first Nigerians to do so. Raising awareness of Challenge 100 and launching the foundation is our goal today and this really is the first step on our journey. However, it is poignant that we achieve this a year since the tragic events in Chibok and we remember all those that are still effected by that tragedy.
We have spent the last few years doing our due diligence on Challenge 100 and laying the foundations. The Trip to the Arctic is really our official launch of Challenge 100," said Og Amazu."

Nigerian Tuedon Morgan took part in the North Pole marathon and hoisted the Nigerian flag there Earlier in 2015.Nigerian Sportswoman Tuedon Morgan  had only visited the North Pole Ice Camp, a distance of 25 miles from the actual North Pole. She decided not to travel with other marathon runners to complete the journey to the Geographic North Pole.

However, the Amazu family traveled these extra miles and became the first Nigerians to reach the actual North Pole and mount a flag there.
you can tell that they strive hard enough to get to the peak.

see confirmation letter from Polar Expedition Limited

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