The Driver Of A Commissioner Engaged In A Fight With Federal Road Safety Corps Personnels

A Funny story went round lately but in summary. 
The driver of the commissioner for commerce cross river state engaged i a fight with Federal Road Safety Corps Personnels
The story has it that, he was asked for his papers and was being held by the FRSC personnels. The driver that was said to be carrying the son of the commissioner for commerce called the commissioner to arrive at the scene. Attempts to speak to the FRSC personnel through the call placed was denied. So the commissioner had to get to the spotlight. Well in a nut shell, to avoid further insults from the FRSC personnel, the driver had to fight.

Well, i must say the FRSC is on a serious pretense here. The FRSC personnels that i do see while traveling to owerri will collect petty bribes from drivers. So i think they tried playing the same card here. To show you how nonchalant  most FRSC personnels are, they will stay on the bad spot of the road they claim to make safe to receive pennies from drivers that fall prey.

But if they truly was doing their Job which they hardly do, it would not have resulted to a fight.

see photo of the fight below


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