Six Great Quick Sleep Tips You Should Know


You hate having a bad sleep right?. well me too. So i will  suggest tips on how to have a comfy sleep. 
One reason we have a bad sleep is because we sleep late. At times it's just that the sleep won't come. Or you are busy with a digital screen and forget to sleep. 

Then the next morning the day starts. You start on the wrong foot, waking up late. Then late for work,school, meetings. Then you get a very bad day. 
To avoid that bad experience follow these tips


When you’re trying to fall asleep, the smallest noises become very annoying and distracting , from the buzzing of a fridge to a passing car. The solution? Fill the room with white noise and create a calming, womb-like environment. This sleek gadget has six soothing sounds (rainstorm, anyone?) and a slot to charge your phone, so win-win. Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine


Eat one of these sweet bites before bed (just maybe do it before you brush your teeth), and in about 15 minutes, you’ll be lured into such a calm sleep state,

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This one’s tricky, because pillows are a really personal thing. Your best friend might love a firm, flat pillow, while you love a puffy one. The National Sleep Foundation suggests a pillow that cradles your neck if you sleep on your back; a firm, gusseted pillow if you sleep on your side; and a thin pillow if you sleep on your stomach.


Hey, sometimes you have to be extravagant. This “smart sleep system” uses colored light and sound effects to gradually soothe you to sleep and bring you back out again the next morning, and if you hook it up to your smartphone, you can track your sleep patterns to make sure you’re always getting standard sleep.
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Or if you’d rather go the simple route, download this free app for iPhone or Android. It has interactive graphs of your patterns of light and deep sleep throughout the night and even records sounds to see if you’re snoring or talking in your sleep. Whoa, technology is really amazing.


OK, you’re not going to win any beauty contests with these babies, but if you wear them when you’re watching TV or cruising Facebook before bed, it filters out the blue light that may be causing sleep disturbances. Pretty cool, huh?


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