She Lost 119kg weight Because her Boyfriend Calles Her FAT

Sometimes, you need that critical word to literally shape up, get it together, work, and let the results give your critic the middle finger.

This is exactly what Sydney-based 25-year-old Hayley Westoby did when her ex-boyfriend, probably in a fit of animosity, called her "fat."

Hayley embarked on a strict fitness and diet regime that saw her losing half her body weight to gain a stunning and fit body shape.
Haylee said her on-the-go student life caused her to gain weight, as she relied on fast foods and drunk plenty of alcohol. 

She ended up weighing 119kg.inRead invented by Teads
She subsequently decided to eat home-cooked meals only and to avoid alcohol. She also followed a fitness regime that involved early-morning exercises and gym routines. As a result, she lost 65kg.
Hayley says she is happy and proud of her incredible achievement, which she has achieved through natural means only. She adds that she'll never be embarrassed about her body again.

She further adds that she set simple targets of losing five kilos at a time, and once she got rid of junk food and alcohol, the results were amazing.Hayley also found a new partner who she says keeps encouraging her even when she falters on her gym routine.

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