Ritualist Caught Red Handed

A man called Isiaka Isah was caught exhuming human remains at the Karaworo/Angwan tiv Muslim cemetery in Kogi State on the morning of January 10th.

According to Mofiinternational Usman who shared the story on Facebook, Isiaka was apprehended by vigilante men in the community while he was digging a grave and would have been mobbed by angry youths but for the intervention of some others who arrived the scene just in time.

Following an interrogation, Isiaka revealed that his intention was not to exhume corpses, but he was there to cure a terrible recurring nightmare in which ghosts haunted him. He revealed that he was simply following the directives of a native doctor who told him to bury some items in a grave so that the ghost will stop chasing him. He was later urged to bring out the already buried item but he said he was having difficulty locating where he buried the items.

He has been handed over to the police for further interrogation.


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