Reason You Are Turning To Your Mom


Blame genetics, but there's something slightly strange about the slow-but-steady transformation you make into your mother. It starts out by using the same phrases that she also counts as verbal ticks, or nagging friends to put on a jacket. Next thing you know, you're a full-blown, robe-wearing, coupon-clipping, finger-wagging mom - no kids required.

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While moms are basically real-life superheroes (seriously, we couldn't live without 'em!), here are a few sure-fire signs that your mom-ification is almost complete. Girls have a higher tendency of turnig exactly like their mom. Basically, they stay 50% of their life with them. Little wonder in Nigeria, if a girl cooking level is poor. the Mother is usually blamed for that.


Girls also adapt their mothers cooking pattern, you can barely tell the difference between two meals cooked by the two. 


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