No More Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Warnings In Airports


You must tired of hearing Galaxy Note 7 warnings before every flight you take, 
not to mention the staff who are tired of making them, those pre-flight announcements can now cease today.

That’s because the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has removed its requirement that all airlines make said announcements. 
This is because of Samsung’s extensive efforts to recall devices, 
coupled with an update that bricks any devices that do remain in the hands of consumers. 
Samsung said in a note today that it has seen 96 percent of devices returned to date.

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Battery Explosion of Galaxy Note 7 has definitely cost the company financially. 
The aftermath of the disaster, which saw the phone recalled after a number of battery explosions, 
saw Samsung’s profit crash by 30 percent with some analysts estimating that the effect could cost the Korean organisation up to $17 billion

It was with some surprise, then, that Samsung last week forecast its largest profit rise for three years. 
Profit for its current Q4 2016 period is set to jump 50 percent thanks primarily to the company’s side business.



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