Nigerian youth Vows To Run For Presidency Come 2019


A Nigerian Young Blood has made a bold step to become the first youth to agitate for a presidential election.
Omike Chikeluba Lewis said it is the time for the youths to take charge of the country and stop voting in the same set of politicians who have been in charge for a long time in a statement he made.

He promised to make Nigeria a better place see his note here.

It is the time for the youths to take charge of the country and stop voting in the same set of politicians who have been in charge for a long time.This Bad Economy is making the Youths and the Masses in Nigeria cry for Salvation. They cry for us the Youths to come out, to help them and find out what is going on.Even the leaders know that we need to be in power but they can't force us. They need to know we are ready and they won't know until we speak to get heard. A lot of leaders are asking us to come out, people like Senator. Ben Murray Bruce Aka Mr. Common Sense, Senator Dino Malaye, Governor Ayo Fayose Aka The Tiger ETC.I need everyone's support; both the APC, PDP and other Party Members, to support us and let us work with love to make Nigeria Happy. I am sure she is waiting for a day we will make her proud because a mother's pride is for her young children to take care of her and make her proud.
You can see all our politicians are pointing fingers at each other. We can't blame them because we kept them in power and they have to do what they can do until we make Nigeria better.
Everyone keeps insulting Buhari . From today hence forth. I apologize to all the Politicians I have insulted or abused in the past. Please forgive me. I know you all are still there for us, its because no Youth has ever had the courage to contest for Presidential election. Buhari had to win because people said they were tired of GEJ and needed something different. Please Nigerians! I'm here to check what is really going on with our Country and the solution Towards making it a better Country. I am pleading with my Beloved leaders, please give us a chance and let's also have the opportunity to serve our country. It could be the best thing that will ever happen to Nigeria because Nigeria is thirsty for Honest Young Leaders. Remember a whole lot of you ruled Nigeria while you were young and you really delivered well. We the youths promise to be Loyal and Honest with Nigeria and her children. We will bring Love and Fairness.Please I'm pleading to the youths; Religion and Ethnic groups are the two major things causing division. Don't judge anyone by his Religion or Ethnicity because we are all one. I can't see my Beloved Nigerian Brother in another country and deny him because of his Religion or Ethnicity. So why are we hurting ourselves. I have a lot of vibrant friends from all the states in Nigeria working with me. Let's not judge ourselves by any of this. Let's work like one because we plan to achieve a better Nigeria and Our Generation and Ancestors will be proud of our achievements. We are not coming violently. We are begging with God, Allah and any other god you may believe in. I'm begging our fathers please we respect you all and a father's prayer is for his children to be higher than him so they can deliver in their best way.
They should stop making us feel like its Hard to get to the Top because of our Age, Grade or Status; they were also young like us when they got in power. We just have to beg them to give us a chance. They have been in Power for long because the youths have had fears and worries to ask for their Rights. Its time we beg and ask them for our Rights because we are 100% sure we can handle it. We appreciate their love and care in the past. Let them watch as we make Nigeria Better. As youths, we need to shape our attitude and acquire more skills so that we can take our positions as the leaders they promised we would be. Thank you Nigeria, let's Unite and work together.

I think he has a dream, but will the Dons in Nigerian Politics let him be.

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