Nigerian Customs Intercepts 661 Pump-action Rifles In Lagos

HMM just In.
Nigerian Customs are being busy
The Punch is reporting that the Nigerian Customs Service has intercepted and seized 661 pump-action rifles in Lagos.
It is not immediately clear where the weapons are from or where they are headed.

See the high-end killer weapon found in Nigerian soil, but no high-end tech found.
The Nigerian policemen i see everyday don't even get armed that much.

This amount of rifle seized. Who knows what it is going to be used for or who is going to use it.
Is it a Preparation for war? due to the current disorder state of Nigeria. who knows?
Is it Boko haram?. It could have been intercepted in Northern Nigeria. but don't underestimate them oo.
Is it Niger Delta Militants?. Its possible cause Lagos is close to the Niger Delta Militants region.
Is it any Biafra move?. Not likely cause is not a good move.
What is this?.i have no idea.

These guns are new and not smiling.
Jeez 661 pieces. i just pray the guns don't get stolen and eventually get into the hands of the wrong one.
Customs keep them safe please.

 See the photos below 

God Help Nigeria


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