Lord's Chosen Arrest Comedians Over Factual Funny Video

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Four comedians, Mc Toothpick, Laff Mayor, Mc Tutalk and Mc Samorano, have been arrested by the police on Tuesday, January 10, for doing a parody video of the members of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Church and its general overseer, Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

While the scene continues to run in the background, the comedians appear on the screen, one after another and criticize members of the church for their conduct in public. Beginning with Mc Toothpick, they attack the latter for “preaching and constituting a nuisance” to the public. Mc Tutalk also went on to hint that the members are deceived into buying a spiritual and protective apron that sells for N1000 each. According to him, if all the members, numbering 200,000, buy an apron each, the total sum realized would be N200m.
The video caught the attention of the church and its general overseer, who then reported the matter to the police. The comedians are being detained at the state Criminal and Investigative Department in Panti. 

But if the above story about the church is not a fact, then the pastor would not have reacted.
Since it's a business spoiler for him, he took the drastic step of arresting the comedians and removing the video online..|

i will hunt that video to make sure you watch i/
Selling aprons for N1000 to almost 2M members, maing them believe it's a sort of Armour

See the screenshot of the video i found online.


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