Live Lost During IPOB Donald Trump March In Nigeria - Graphic Photos!!!

Looks like both sides of the world has a story to tell on the inauguration of President Donald trump.
Anti-trump group in U.S.A vandalized cars while IPOB in Nigeria clashed with security personnels and lives were terminated some severely injured.

I personally is not in support of Biafra, If you want to know why, let me know.

It is not like it was a Nigerian president oo, It's the president of United state of America that was inaugurated in USA. 
But IPOB have this strong belief that President Donald trump will be in Favor of IPOB on biafra issues. To me i see no sense in that. 
Trump an American President even though with influence would not interfere with the affairs of  a sovereign state like Nigeria.
So the IPOB hoping to get Donald Trump grace had to do a public march for him, but too bad things turned ugly. Though a Letter Of Request was sent to the police, seeking for permission.
 See photos below


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