LG Seeks For AI Assistant | Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

According to reports from BusinessKorea. LG got into talks with Google and Amazon to get either Alexa Or Google AI Assistant.

Currently you cannot get a Google AI assistant if you do not own either A Google pixel. LG G6 seems a perfect fit for the the assistant according to assistant. But Late February LG G6 will unfold with one of the assistants.

Should Google release it's assistant that it sang praises about to LG, things will go smoothly but If they don't well LG has an alternative, Alexa.
LG has a relationship with Amazon as Alexa is featured in one of its smart refrigerators. so LG has a better chance to get Alexa running on upcoming phones, but let's see what unfolds.

All the same LG can still go ahead and create it's own AI assistant regardless of the on-going war of virtual Assistants. 


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