Humiliated Girl Paid One Million Euros By Jury over what happened at Patrick Henry High School

Something happened at Patrick Henry High School in San Diego, California.

A girl 14 years old at the time it occurred was said to have request for permission from her teacher to use the bathroom,
however the teacher Ms Wolf denied her request and recommended a bucket from the supply room for her. 
The teacher did this thinking that the school has a strict "no bathroom breaks during class" policy.

The young girl kindly went according to recommendations from the teacher, took the bucket, urinated in it and flushed it down the sink.
After the event, she claimed to have been humiliated and bullied so she became depressed and attempted suicide.
She sued the school after the school refused a claim of 20,000 euros.

Katheryn Martin the school's district attorney told the court saying
the teacher had not intended to humiliate the pupil and referred to Ms Wolf's suggestion to the girl as a "lapse of judgment which she thought was a good idea"

The victimized girl was given a huge sum of 1 million euros in compensation, plus 32,500 euros for medical expenses.
on the other side, the spokesperson for the school said the school is not satisfied with the decision reached by the jury and are considering an appeal.


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