Horrible | Father Gets Electric Heater Into Son's Anus

This world is full of deifferent characters oo.

A Director of Planning in one of the ministries in Borno State, whose name has not been revealed, has been arrested by the state Police for allegedly inserting electric heater into the anus of his 10-year old son for being gay and having gay sex with politicians

Although His 10 year old son, however claimed to have been raped at their 1000 Government Housing Estate residence, but his father didn't believe him. He reportedly chained the little boy before he carried out the barbaric act.
See photo of the boy here

According to saturday vanguard reports, the father has subjected his children to various forms for inhumane treatment. He denied his children western education. He has also been accused of chaining up his daughter because she insulted her step-mom.

I do not know what exactly to say but it seems like any Home where a step-mom is present there are chances of domestic violence. The poor boy will now have a bad life-time experience from his father who got him a step-mom.


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