Every Girl Every Where Is Been Watched | What is Said behind a woman

Most girls think they can go out and avoid being noticed, but that is totally wrong.

Okay, I was in a public transport Today, a tricycle to be precise. While we waited for two more persons to fill up the tricycle.
A girl walked by, as she walked past, the tricycle driver exchanged greetings with her. After a while, the tricycle driver started a conversation with his friend who was already in the tri-cycle before I came in. The driver said “the girl that just walked by used to work in a gas station and was slim then, but now she has added flesh and now has shape”. He said so much about the girl, to my surprised he knew much about the girl he was not related to in anyway.
The tricycle driver went further to say “She was stone hearted when she worked in the gas station”. The other person in the tricycle, who is a friend to the tricycle driver added that “most girls become slim when they are unwilling and stone hearted". The question I had in my mind was, Are slim girls stone hearted?

As we could not wait no more for the other two to fill up the tricycle, the driver drove off. Co-incidentally, we had a stop to pick up a passenger whom I never thought will share in the conversation.

The conversation about the girl still went on. "Maybe the girl is married now", the driver said. The new passenger, who got more intrigued than I am stumbled into the gist. He said “It’s true, changes are bound to occur whenever a girl gets married". The other guy, who was in the tricycle before me now threw in a joke, He said. “Some women before marriage are on their worst behavior, but after the touch of a man, they become saints". I laughed loud deep inside my mind, cause I did not want to get engaged, besides they were all at least 10 years older than I am. The driver whom I thought lost interest also said “most women look horrible during pregnancy, but angelic after pregnancy". This poked the newest guy on transit, he immediately said “at times the reversed is the case, some ladies are more beautiful pregnant compared to when they are not". I wondered how on earth is it possible that Men have studied Women so much and they seem to have graduated.

As if the newest guy read my mind, he said “if you think you know women, then get married. Most women can be deadly before marriage but sweet during marital life".

The driver now made me feel like I was the topic of the conversation. He said “Single men know nothing about life or women. If you want to test your capability and capacity? Get Married.”

Then,I reached my destination and alighted from the tricycle, so I cannot tell all that travailed in the conversation. But in conclusion, every girl Should bear in mind that she is being watched by an unseen eye. 
Not to forget today marked the first time I saw a female tricycle driver in Nigeria. I could not take a picture as I was in a different tricycle.


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