Dr. Chris Okafor Makes 2017 Prophecies | Number eight is shocking

Senior Pastor of Mountain of Liberation And Miracle Ministry (aka) Liberation Ministry, Dr. Chris Okafor has unleasehed 2017 prophecies of  his own 

  1. * Death Of Former Military Head Of State. 
  2. * Major fire disaster in homes and market places. 
  3. * Death in family of the president. 
  4. * Osinbajo will not be impeached but will likely not be Buhari’s running mate. 
  5. * The church will be seriously persecuted all over the world beyond what it is currently going through but will have upper hand.  
  6. * Another major party would be formed that will wrestle power from the present government. 
  7. *Buhari Is Not The Messiah But To Prepare The Way For The Messiah. 
  8. * MMM Is Not Of God But A Design For Mark 666. 
  9. * Ifeanyi Uba Will Take Over From The Present Governor Obiano Of Anambra State After His Second(2nd) Term But He Must Pray Against Conspiracy. 
  10. * God Will Use Tinubu To Restore Nigeria But He Must Be Prayerful Against Conspiracy Against His Life Spiritually And Physically. 
  11. * The football and entertainment industry should pray against death on some major faces. 
  12. *Death of present and former minister(s) to be averted through prayers. 
  13. * A Former Leader Of PDP To Die. 
  14. * A Popular Man Behind The Pulpit To Die. 
  15. *A Major Leader In Africa To Die (In The Mode Of A President. 
  16. * The Economic Situation Will Improve In Nigeria Through Divine Intervention. 
  17. * There Will Be A Serious Attempt To Islamize Nigeria But The Lord Says It Will Not Come To Pass. 
  18. *Boko Haram Is Going To Regroup And Will Become Deadlier But They Will Be Stopped. 
  19. *There Will Be Major Restoration To A Lot Of People That Have Given Up And Families Will Be Liberated From Their Strong Enemies. 
  20. *A Former Governor Of Akwa Ibom Waving Goodbye But Will Be Averted Through Prayers. 
  21. *A Major Country In Europe Should Pray Against The Death Of A Powerful Leader. 
  22. *Nigeria’s Glory Days In Sports Will Return, Especially In Football. 
  23. *An opposition party will likely take over power in South Africa. There is going to be a lot of political crises.

My problem with this is that, most of the prophecies are negative prophecies and not good ones.

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