Discussion Continues || MMM Returns - What I Have To Say

Okay they are back with a new style. Bitcoin not bad at all, it;s a nice game card played at the right time.
But the fact remains the same. MMM is a big time fraud. You need not to consult the bible before you know you are committing a sin.

You donate minimum of N10,000 cash to MMM, but give N50 offering and still you cannot help the poor and needy around you. Then you will dance into the church with your 30% gain.
How is it that 30% gain bought your mind?.
How is it that you cannot put that money into a real time business that will give you a lifetime profit.

Okay i think i know why. Quick Money.
Quick money is the pull here, if not quick Money then what else would cause a Hardworking Nigerian too push in a huge sum of money into a ponzi scheme such as MMM.
in this case your ideology is not different from that of a thief.
you cry out Nigeria is in recession but politicians with the quick money mind set kept you in recession , hence MMM. Similarly, if you get to a political position no doubts you will be tagged bad politician.

MMM on December last year did something that broke the hearts of it's members but that is just a peak of an iceberg. 
Now they are back and definitely the hopes of it's participant will grow massively. But, when another system failure occurs, which i know is a huge lie, i tell you the suicide rate will double. Joining MMM again is like going back to your EX who stabbed your heart right in front of you.

Again I will continue hammering on this point. MMM has no physical location. if not for anything else, this is 100% reason you should not participate in it. If you want to make money in life, thousands of legitimate means are out there, But don't use the excuse" i can't find them" or "i have no money".

Who referred you to MMM, how did you find MMM. let's say through a friend cause i'm sure MMM ran no online adverts. If your friend introduced you to MMM. Sorry you have a bad friend i must say. Money minded people don't make money.
Bible says seek first God;s kingdom, seeking God is utmost importance and you just derailed from that.

How did MMM pull such crowd, first they Lied to you that you are actually helping people. Immediately you believed that. But you find it hard to believe that God exist.
If you believe you are actually helping out through MMM, then you are lost in Money Lust.
Physically do not meet the person you want to help.
Funny if you are helping someone through MMM, no doubts that same person you think you are helping has made deposited some money to MMM. Then you call that one help.
Who is Cheating Who here?

MMM lied when they made mention of system failure. if the truly had a system failure, then do not put your trust in them. MMM came to Nigeria in 2015 and in 2016, they are reporting system failure. A good system whether physical or not can undergo an upgrade without hampering the real time progress. If you are in doubts, do you notice any failure whenever facebook makes an upgrade. Definitely not.
I know facebook system cannot be compared to a ponzi cause that will be outrageous. But at least, if i am to trust any system for any sort of service, then i am not expecting any break down at a very short interval, just like MMM did.

I will drop my pen here.


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