Child Pornography | Nigerian Man Arrested

A Nigerian man was arrested for possession of child pornography at Hartsfield –Jackson Atlanta International Airport last Friday.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said in a statement that Elvis Henry Idada, 31, was arrested after he arrived on a flight from Nigeria.

During a secondary examination, CBP officers found alleged child pornography in a cell phone in Idada’s possession. 
CBP officers arrested Idada and turned him over to Clayton County Police to face child exploitation charges.

"Sexual exploitation of children shocks and offends the common decency of our society," said Carey Davis, CBP Port Director for the Area Port of Atlanta. 
"We remain vigilant and prepared to detect and intercept all persons, 
baggage and merchandise that do not comply with our laws."

I do not really blame Idala. Here in Nigeria,people don't mind exposing the privacy of their babies or children because they think they are just to young or tender, so it does not really matter.
But most countries now have policies against child pornography, which i think is the best.
It does not make sense when a child is being exposed that much because it's a child, but the mother has full privacy cause she is all grown.
both the babies and grown-ups have a right to privacy

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