Chibok Girls Adopt Is A Ruse | Ekiti State Gorvernor

Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose, is adamant that the story of the missing Chibok girls is a ruse and that some of the girls that were found and rescued by the Nigerian Army, were trained to act for Nigerians. Fayose said this on an interview with Channels TV

"The story of Chibok girls is a ruse. I have been saying this, a complete ruse. Those girls were trained to act for Nigerians. I am telling you. This story will come back one day. I don't hide to say it. I said it before. Let me say it again I stand here to say it clearly that the Chibok girls story was orchestrated to take President Jonathan out of office. You say over 200 girls are missing. 
They are Physics students. When they were found, they could not speak English. If they say these Chibok girls have been found, what are they still doing in the custody of the Federal government. If my son was taken away for over 2 years, the joy of my son coming home alone is enough"fayose said

Fayose said the recent photos of parents of some of the Chibok girls crying and rejoicing when their daughters were found last year, was rehearsed 

"You can rehearse with a parent to act and even cry. Its all theater. Have you not seen people doing theater? Don't you see people you see about a minute ago crying? This is another theater. Do you recall when the Chibok organization wanted to take the President on and it became an issue, two or three week after, some of the girls were found".

For me i will say i go with him, because the story behind Chibok girls is not factual, it sounds all planned. And it is true those Girls could not speak English but they went to school..Naija Naija

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