Charly Boy Blast Biafra Agitators | Read What he Said

Charly Boy made a very strong point here.
Go back and develop South east if before you make any biafra agitation.

Charly Boy is right here.  South eastern Nigeria is so under developed that the youths do not even know they are under developed. If eventually Biafra pops up, will the roads fix themselves, will the infrastructures turn flashy like in the fairytales.
Biafra Biafra Biafra but your house is in big turmoil shame unto any person in such condition.

Read what Charly Boy Said

He said: “Now people are shouting Biafra but I say they don’t know what they are talking about. Experience is the best teacher and those of us that experienced Biafran war first hand know this is a foolish venture. During the war, my village was like the war theartre and I saw people dying per second all around me.

"There was death everywhere. If you have been seeing gory pictures of Syria, how death visits from everywhere, it was the exact way Biafra was during the war. Believe me, bullets didn’t even kill us as much as hunger. You can imagine, you and your friends would be playing and all of a sudden there would be air raid."As you were running helter-skelter to take cover you would see some people’s heads being blown off their bodies. Such sights have never left me. I was about 17 years old then and now somebody is shouting ‘Biafra’. No.Going further, he noted: “If the people shouting for Biafra are serious they should go back to the South-east to develop the region. It is just not right going to another man’s land to develop it while leaving your own to lie fallow.

"After we must have developed the South-east, then we can be shouting Biafra. Biafra is a thing of the mind. Is it in this hunger you expect people to fight? How do you want to do that?”He said this recently at the 13th Chief Gani Fawehinmi Annual Memorial lecture and symposium with the theme: “Nigeria Anti-Corruption War: Whither The Legal Profession and The Judiciary?”

He is 100% right.
Biafra is a waste of time. Youths wake up to reality abeg.
The first civil war shows only the igbo children in serious poor condition due to unprepared and unplanned events. Not just that underdeveloped south east region is one of the factors.

Just like Ojukwu ,Nnamdi kanu will also fly back to the abroad he came from after achieving his aim. Leaving the rest to suffer.

My mum once told me be wise, be a leader not just a follower.
watch this interview with charly boy

The word Biafra they show error while typing ,i have to ignore it but Nigeria does not.

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