Bayelsa Notorious Thief Caught And Killed

A facebook user Sam Patrick Dogitimi posted a report of a notorious Thief in bayelsa state DON D was killed by angry mobs in Twon Brass, Bayelsa. 
Don D was caught robbing a shop and was killed by mobs who carried out jungle justice on him.
Sam Patrick Said.

It is ironical that while I was all awake reminiscing the last 365 days in retrospect, a fellow Brassian, the infamous kleptomaniac, Don D, was doing what he knew how to do best in Twon-Brass, robbing a shop. It happened that he was caught in the act and was beaten mercilessly by the angry youths, including furious Abokis, who decided to take laws into their hands. 
As I write, Don D is lifelessly lying in the Twon-Brass morgue, after he gave up the ghost, as a result of the beating and some of the culprits have been detained in the Brass Police Division Headquarters. 
It is my prayer that our merciful God, who forgives all sins, grants Don D eternal rest and also forgive those that undertook the "street justice." Adieu Don D!!!

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