Bad User Experience With The CAT S60 Android Phone

A facebook user Christo Van Schalkwyk shared his experience with the CAT S60 phone on Comment on our social media post.
According to him, he never had any good experience with the phone. 
here is what he said

"The absolute worst phone I have ever used. I strongly urge you to stay far away from even considering this phone. I promise you now, you'll waste R15000+ and eventually you'll have to buy a better phone. It randomly freezes without warning, overheats when using the GPS, the side cover that protects the charging port just falls off, the camera cannot be used during night or dark conditions at all, and worst of all (can't express WORST enough) it has the most horrible network and WiFi reception I have ever seen. I am literally missing about 90% of my calls since it almost never has signal. I have my own business and I've already lost 1 client and another potential client because of this phone. The exact reason given by my former client was precisely because he could never get through on my cellphone number. The WiFi is so poor that if you move more than 2 rooms away from your router it completely loses the WiFi signal. I have tested 2 other phones in the same conditions and both worked flawlessly, which tells me it is most definitely the Cat S60.
Customer service is a true reflection of the phone as they are just as useless (In the truest meaning of the word). I was using the much cheaper Titan 5R and I can honestly say, the S60 which is 3 times the price, doesn't even begin to compare in quality."

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CAT S60 specifcations can be seen here.Well all these flaws he mentioned above is possible when a fashion company wants to go tech.


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