America has gone sour | Muslims Stone Christians and Law Enforcements Can only Watch

Don’t let anyone tell you that Muslim “no-go zones” are a figment of your imagination, because they’re quite real and they’re happening all over the world and have even been spotted right here in the United States of America.
Recently, a group of Christians filed a First Amendment complaint with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit over an incident that took place at the annual Arab International Festival in our very own domesticMuslim stronghold of Dearborn, Mich.Ruben Israel, the leader of a group of Christian protesters who were exercising their right to Freedom of Assembly during the Muslim festival were stoned and attacked as they approached the large gathering of Muslims. The group were merely holding signs and protesting peacefully and the attacks were unprovoked.

What makes the situation worse and also proves that many of America’s law enforcement officers are scared to interject in areas and gatherings that are populated by Muslims is that the Wayne County sheriff’s deputies that were there for security stood by and watched while the Christians were attacked with stones and bottles, even cutting many of the protesters’ faces and bodies. (H/T WND)

That’s not hearsay, either. It was all caught on camera. The Wayne County police did absolutely nothing while the angry Muslims attacked peaceful Christian protesters right in front of their eyes.

Israel begged the deputies to enforce the law, but their only response was that the Christian group leave or face arrest.

Is this America?

Robert J. Muise, senior counsel for the AFLC, said in a statement, “Whether you agree or disagree with the Christians’ message, there is one issue to which there is no dispute: no citizen should be stoned in a city street in America for exercising his constitutional right to freedom of speech.”

We literally couldn’t agree more.

As the Muslim-controlled no-go zones crop up in the most unexpected places, Americans need to be on high alertand totally aware of your neighborhoods and surroundings. The last thing you need is to take the family for a walk in the park only to find out it’s a Muslim-only hang-out.

Just see the high-praised America.

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