Alison Diezani's Muiti-million Estate Uncovered | Photos


A multi-million estate belonging to Allison Diezani the former ministry of petroleum has been discovered in bayelsa. The estate is located at Diepreye Alamieyeseigha Street, off Goodluck Jonathan Road in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

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The EFCC team,acting on intelligence, uncovered the sprawling estate which is coded as BGIS/OK/02/16/310.  Enough of the news report read all hereSee what i have to say

before that See Photos of Allison Diezani's Estate Below.

There is recession in Nigeria, people cry out everyday, but greedy politician go behind the scene to loot the country the more. Definitely she did not accumulate the wealth used in building this estate during this severe recession. Instead she kept piling it up ever since she Allison Diezani was Minister of petroleum, EFCC swung to action at this time. Why, maybe she may have failed to comply or meet up with terms. Nigeria is so corrupt to that extent. If you doubt me. How long does it take to complete a multi-million estate? Is it not long enough for the EFCC to peruse the action?. But she has completed the estate and maybe could not comply to their terms, so they had to expose her. 

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Well All good the EFCC acted right on time. When the estate building is set

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