A Letter From THE 1960POST To You


Dear reader,
    Hope you are Enjoying THE 1960post. We do nothing nothing but try our possible best to bring Juicy information to you Everyday. Though it may be tough but anything for you Reader.
    We will like you to play a part in Blog. You ever wonder how you can do that?. 
Each day we write a post, we will love you to share it to a friend who you care for and would like to inspire him or her. Every article here is written bearing you in mind. We love to have you visit daily to read what we have for you.
   We will continue coming up with information on a daily basis. If for no reason at least for the fact that every article on any website is written to inspire at least one person. And that is why THE 1960post is born.
   Please do not get the name wrong. 1960post is called 1960 solely because that is the year Nigeria had it's independence. So every posts. articles here are ideas that has been freed from the authors' mind to get you lovely readers.
   Do not forget to share and comment on any post you have anything to say. Cheers
                                                            -From THE 1960POST

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