4 Things You Don't Need For Gaming On Your PC


I used to bother about having a good Gaming experience,having high-end gadgets etc, but i realized that there are some stuffs i really do not need. Without those things i still enjoyed my game to the extreme. I love Pro Evolution Soccer. Bayern Munich being my favorite team.
So see those stuffs you do not need to enjoy your gaming on PC.

A Gaming Chair
You don't need a Specific Chair for gaming .Infact any regular object that can carry your weight is recommended. Funny isn,t it. OK let me give you an example. You can use a small wooden chair and still get the whole and thrill of the game right.
While playing Pro Evolution Soccer with your friend. The most comfortable position is On the Floor

An Expensive Keyboard.
It's a game and it has a very high backward compatibility. PES 2016 supports a PS/2 Keyboard 100%. I do not mean play station 2 keyboard. PS/2 Keyboard, are the old type of keyboard, they do not have a USB port to connect to your system. They actually use a PS/2 Port on your Computer system, for a matter of fact no Computer still supports PS/2 port.
If you have a PS/2 Keyboard, Go ahead and enjoy your game.

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An Expensive Game-Pad
Do not wait till you get a high-end, dual shock game pad such as Logitech Gamepad F310. You can get a cheap Ucom game pad. Nigerians will relate here. A Ucom gamepad is very cheap and you can get one here.It has all basic features you need for proper gaming,Analog,Dual-shock.

A High-End Graphics Card
Most Nigerian get This Always when the want to play their Pro Evolution Soccer.
 But will still hit the ignore button. After the enjoy a round of Football Games, they wont even remember that their graphics card never met requirements.
This all shows that you can enjoy your game even with your low end graphics card. Most games have the error of not detecting your complete system features, hence the Ignore Button.If your system does not have an Nvidia Graphics Card, you are likely to get that error above. I have an Intel graphics and i get that each time i launch my PES. But i ignore the alert and enjoy. I am much like a god of PES, don't come around me bragging you are better

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Big Screen
To hell with the 4k resolution screens when you want to enjoy your game. Every game can adapt to any 1200 x 720 screen resolution.If it does not, run it in compatibility mode. So forget about worrying if the game will render properly or not.


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