100% Noise Canceling Headphone From Samsung

Samsung has decided not to bring forth the long awaited Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress. Instead the decides to Show up with a Voodoo Level In ANC headphone. I call it Voodoo because it plays a trick.
The new samsung Level In ANC headphone will have two voodoo features unique from any other.

Noise cancellation of up to 29db :that is way too quiet. youths can now snub 100% if they want to with this Samsung Level In ANC headphone.
Talk-in-mode: that enables listeners to hear outside sound when someone calls their name. The voodoo part is actually here. I have my heaphones on and you think i'm not listening, so you start making fun of my name with friends. 100% i'm all ears with this new samsung headphone.
it's gonna cost around $140 = N43,000.


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