See What You DId Not Know About Nigerian Polytechnic And University


Today will be an exposure to the Pros and Cons Of Nigerian higher institution - Polytechnic and Universities.
It is very obvious that some polytechnics in Nigeria has risen to higher standard more than most Nigerian Universities. This is because of how Nigerian treat or feel toward Polytechnic.

I am not trying to promote the Polytechnics - but i'm just stating a fact
Due to the tag to a higher institution's name. people now do everything at any cost to get admitted.
Some would even do as far as doing the odd things.
A very huge change has evolved in both universities and Polytechnic. 
Both institutions have produce reputable Nigerians to be proud of. Though the universities produce more reputable Nigerians, but that was then.

NIGERIAN UNIVERSITY - PROS (favorable factor)

  • Bachelor of Science Certificate
University issue BSc Certificates after up to 5 years of study. Scholars prefer certs issued by Universities, because it proves that one has been nurtured adequately in his or her field of study and is fit for Job in the labor market.
  • Wide Range Of Courses
A whole bunch of courses are now offered in most universities. Broadening the study scope for students. More than 20 courses are available at University of Nigeria Nsukka.

  • In Depth Theoretical Lectures
When it comes to impacting full knowledge into a student theoretically. Count universities in, they focus more on the theories and relevant information needed to groom a student.

  •          Long-term Preparation

For the universities, you have more than four years of getting ready for Real Life experience. This long term will help students know what is on ground, before pushed into the real world.

NIGERIAN POLYTECHNIC – PROS (favorable-factor)

  • ·         Bachelor of Technology certificate

Polytechnics will no longer issue Higher National Diploma to students who wish to further their education. The federal executive council approved a complete reform of the Nigerian higher institution education system, scrapping off HND to bring in Btech.

  •          Multi-certificate

One can decide to enroll for a National Diploma with the duration of (2) two years and can study further for another (2) years to acquire a Bachelor in technology.
  •          More Interest on Practical

Nigerian polytechnics are known for the immerse Lab practice student undergo daily. This grooms the students well enough enabling them face real time challenges even at their early stage.
  •          Real Life experience while learning

To spice up the whole thing, and make Polytechnic products more resourceful – Students will go a 4-months Industrial training program after their first Level (ND 1) and 1-year Industrial Training Program after the second Level (ND 2).


  •          Stress due to Long-term Program

Students easily lose focus due to the more than four years’ program.
A university in Nigeria gets boring when there is no diversion. When I say diversion, I mean educational training outside the classroom. For instance, during my 4-months Industrial Training at NIIT, to enroll for Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA.
I have a course mate at NIIT a University student taking the same CCNA, but he is lacking behind because of the university scheme in Nigeria.
The CCNA in 100% important to him as well as his lectures, so how does he make both work? No Way!
For me things just worked out because I enrolled for the CCNA during my 4-months Industrial Training.

  •          Lack of practical

Students do not like the talky talky session, but that’s what they get at times in a Nigerian university.
When students don’t practice what has been taught. Quite alright the stick to the theory but when it comes to display what was taught. 
Wahala dey. meaning Problem arises.

Little wonder some students can say but cannot spell their name. or some student have an idea of a formal letter but cannot sketch out one. Though there is no practical for that in Nigerian Higher Institution. But the lack of practical in other courses affected the student that way.

  •          Unpreparedness

Some university graduates are lost in the labor market and not knowing what went wrong. It is not that they don’t have the knowledge but the experience is missing. You cannot blame them because their university locked them up for up to 4 years in an educational prison, just for them to be discharged unprepared.
This has affected a lot of them so bad increasing the rate of unemployment
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Or even some of them might get to a job interview and scale through the talking part, but when it comes to show off experience – they got none.

  • ·        Corruption

They high level of corruption in Nigeria can be traced to Nigerian Universities.
Where students pay for marks and their First class certificate which they cannot defend. Let’s look at this, if then BSc was preferred to HND, that means BSc holders held higher offices at their place or work or field of experience. And where do you see most corrupt People – at higher places. Gbam.

  •          Lack of Enough Knowledge

Some polytechnic students lack adequate knowledge when it comes to a particular course. This was caused by the narrow courses offered in Nigerian Polytechnics. Only the Intelligent get through with this and become successful. It is no that the certificate issued by polytechnics has no respect, but, the Holder lacks adequate Knowledge to back-up. The days of employing BSc over HND are gone. Presently employers Now carry out in-depth interview. The in-depth scrutinize of employees-to-be has now exposed those hiding under the Glory of a certificate. Inadequate HND holders are now exposed are chances are they are fired.

  •          Excessive Population
It is in no doubt that Nigerian Polytechnics are the most populated due to low cut off marks proposed by JAMB. This have even let those not cut out for educational get into higher institution. Nigerian Polytechnics have 70% not out for anything serious. This have caused polytechnics to produce more Failures than Success. And the polytechnic certificate lost it’s respect, but how did these unserious one scale through.

  •          High rate of examination mal-practice

Though examination malpractice is experienced in every nuke and cranny of this world. But believe me it occurs most in Nigerian polytechnics. I mean it is now the only way lazy student write their exams today. Lack of reading and studying will put a student in a route to carry out exam-malpractice. Despite the Practicals carried out in Nigerian polytechnic, Dumb students remain dumb and the Intelligent still get more intelligent.
Thanks to the administrators in Nigerian Polytechnics who have put in certain measures to Curb exam-malpractice.
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