NCC Insists On Data Plan Price Increase


The Commission was forced by public pressure to rescind its decision last month asking mobile telephone operators to adopt a policy that would have led to data price increase for Nigerians.

The NCC however said Friday that its plan to create competition in the telecom sector will force it to increase data tariff.

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Agency reports quoted NCC Deputy Director, Consumer Affairs Bureau,Ismail Adedigba that the resolve to increase data tariff was to halt the sector from becoming a monopoly whereby one service provider would be charging consumers arbitrary prices for data service. He noted that competition would certainly afford telecom consumers to make choices for better service.

Adedigba said competition is better than stifling one segment of the telecom market by predatory pricing.

I do not understand NCC anymore, How is increase in data plan price reduce competition in the telecom industry. This could be a means of enriching their pockets at the loss of the masses.

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