41 Prayer points for Nigeria

This is my little prayer for Nigeria.
Nigeria should be put in prayers, everyone knows that. Because we are in a mess from which we cannot save ourselves .

    i will do it the Christian way.

    1. I pray that every Nigeria will tolerate one another and see peace as the only way to settle dispute.
    2. i pray that Nigerian youths would find something to do in order to help our great nation
    3. i pray that every Nigerian young and old would see the future in Nigeria and embrace it.
    4. i pray that every Nigerian Indigene would everyday do something to contribute to Nigeria ans the world at large.
    5. i pray that every Nigerian politician will stop laundering our national treasury.
    6. I pray that Nigerian leader anywhere big or small will add value towards national concerns.
    7. i pray that Nigerians home and abroad will keep the Nigerian image from taint.
    8. i also pray for protection to our brothers outside Nigeria.
    9. i pray that Nigerian state will stop relying on the federal government for funds.
    10. i pray that Nigerians will speak the truth all times, despite the cause or who is involved.
    11. i pray that every Nigerian parent will stop seeing their children as cars that you can just fuel and then drive around.
    12. i pray the cold war between the major tribes in Nigeria will end.
    13. i pray that Nigerian economy will rise to standard once more.
    14. i pray that skills in both technology ans science be initiated in Nigeria.
    15. i pray that Nigerians will stop the mentality of Anything-Goes.
    16. i pray Nigerians will ethnic background as a priority or criteria.
    17. i pray that Money generated in Nigeria will be used to develop Nigeria and not to be squandered by Nigerian leaders.
    18. i pray that politician will stop the Stomach infrastructure that has made them greedy.
    19. i pray that Nigerian youths will see the essence in education and not education also innovation.
    20. i pray that exam-malpractice will be a history in Nigeria education system.
    21. i pray that Nigerians will let go of the past and face the future.
    22. i pray that every Nigerian will stop "money-first" mentality.
    23. i pray that every Nigerian will rep a good image of where he or she originates from.
    24. i pray that Nigerians will embrace and tolerate one another.
    25. i pray that thuggery exhibited by some Nigerians be a history.
    26. i pray that every Nigeria will make profit in his or her endeavors.
    27. i pray that bad leaders be exposed and punished according to law.
    28. i pray that jungle justice be stopped by Nigerians.
    29. i pray that Nigerian see neatness and as a virtue, thereby keep the country clean.
    30. i pray that Youths be more productive everyday.
    31. i pray that the Nigerian economy be diversified.
    32. i pray that Nigeria as a country be renewed in tourism.
    33. i pray that 24 hours electricity be achieved in Nigeria.
    34. i pray that fake churches in Nigeria be exposed.
    35. i pray that every Nigerian be trustworthy.
    36. i pray that Nigerian girls see themselves as a reward for every hardworking, honest man and not as pleasure tool.
    37. i pray that terrorism be a thing of the past in Nigeria.
    38. i also pray that Nigerians be know for their hard work and not as lazy people in other country.
    39. i pray that those that do not know how to speak good English, should learn.
    40. i pray that politics in Nigeria will not be seen as a bloody game anymore.
    41. Finally i pray that every Nigerian live in peace and unity with one another


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