Minister of Youth And Sports Makes Big Time Blunder - (video)


The Minister for Youths and Sports Development Solomon Dalung made this heavy blunder in a speech to justify that funds spent his ministry were properly spent 
he said 
"Funds Spended are well spended
watch video below

Well down to what prompted the situation
The House of Representatives committee on sports called Dalung and other officials to appear before it, in order to tackle pending issues on disbursement of funds to the various federations.Read full here

Dalung, could he have made such mistake intentionally or vice versa. Who knows, but let me quickly correct the statement.

You know he was called to defend his ministry and in such pressure he made the blunder. In my locale or where i come from, making mistakes when you are accused of something and giving a chance to speaks gives the impression you are Guilty. 
So in Dalung's case is he Guilty?
LOL - Funds well spended are well spended.

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