Girls And Better Life


I will tell you in this post how most girls want their story or life to be.
But in the other hand i will tell you how a Girls life should be.
So the first one will be how Girls Want Their Story and the second one will be How A Girls Life Should be.

In summary the first one shows the Rosy Pleasure Girls want, but the second one is a Good How a girl's life should be.
I know you going to be wondering if the writer is a girl, NO. instead the writer is a Guy who has been n a confinement of boys and girls for about 6 years.
Ok let me begin with the How A Girl Wants Her Life.

A girl after her Nursery age gets exposed to life fantasies quicker than boys, so they will like their life this way

-Go to high school and make good friends both male and female
-Get admitted to any High-institution stress less.
-Get a Boyfriend to take care of her
-Get Other Boys for miscellaneous
-Pass marks without breaking a sweat
-Put on Latest and Trends
-Never miss out on Night Parties.
-Be Facebook Famous or famous in any other social network.
-Then after higher institution, get married and have kids

There is actually nothing wrong with this. There is fun, experience and adventure. But, there is always a but. A girl with this dream gets less productive in future. And this
kind of life do not usually work out. Eventually it does work out, she will end up being an ordinary House Wife or Mum. Basically she will have no Job, but she will have
an edge when it comes to relationship matters and trending. And if she tries getting engaged into something, it will be owning a Shop, kiosk or supermarket.

But when you really look at things from my own view, a Girls Life Should Be Like This.

-Go to high School and selectively make friends
-Get admitted to that dream high-institution with all the hard work involved
-Have no relationships till when necessary
-Study and get good grades
-Keep up with fashion and trends as a girl
-Attended time worth parties
-Keep important helpful friends on social networks not necessarily Facebook
-Go Through High-institution and get a cert
-Get necessary professional certificates and get then land a job
-Get married to her crush in mind while in higher institution or place of work.
-have kids

The second one is not as easy as i listed them out, but at the end she will be productive and impact on lives as she grows.
She can get any job she wants and even get any man she
wants. Every man will like to keep a woman like this, me i will too.

So comparing the two instances the first one is a total waste of life most girls are into now.
Hardly would you see a girl not in any sort of relationship or any other things not time-worth.
So this goes out to all the girls out there wasting time with crazy pleasures. 

you have time to enjoy not bad, but 
do something that your future self will thank you for

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