Facebook Update | Colorful Text Background Color


Facebook is today throwing in a small feature that’s a big visual departure for the platform: you can now add background colors to text-only posts.

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It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like; 
posts with the feature enabled show up with a pop of color on the background. To use it, tap on the status bar, 
choose a color from the choices below your text (including some gradients), write your message, and tap post. It doesn’t work for link, image, or video posts.

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Though it’s a simple feature, it’s a departure for Facebook’s visual identity; no more is the world’s biggest social platform just a mass of blue and white.

The feature is rolling out to Android users over the course of the week, but the background colors will be visible on Android, iOS and the Web. iOS and the Web will be able to make their own colorful posts “in the coming months.”

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 Nice of Facebook to give Android users something first, for a change!. though i don't like it that way.
see an example


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