50 years Anniversary Celebration of Rev. Ikechukwu Ibeka Nduka - (photos)

I picked out the Greatest Blessing God Made Possible on December 18, 2016 .  The glamourous Celebration of a Golden Jubilee, the 50th birthday of A Great Man of God, 
Reverend Ikechukwu Ibeka Nduka. From the Glorious Church Service to the Power Packed Sermon and the Sincere thanksgiving. 18th December was God’s Chosen.

The Reception was so Glorious and ecstatic. Reverend Ikechukwu Ibeka Nduka the South Central Synod Moderator, threw a  Holy Ghost Birthday Celebration At No 1 Azikiwe Road Aba. A ceremony so colorfully Red and Golden exquisitely adored. No amount of words can actually punctuate this Ceremony into-to, so as they say “A Picture is worth a Thousand Words”.

So I have Dozens of Picture for your satisfaction. So the only thing you missed is the After Event Refreshment that kept my mouth busy like forever. Winks. The Photos range from Stolen church service selfie of the celebrant Sons – Peter Nduka and Emmanuel Nduka, to After Service Photos of Daughters Bessie Nduka and Sopuruchi Nduka, to Reception Photos of The Wife Mrs Okwudiri Nduka  and much more photos. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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